InSpek is a start-up developing a chemical analysis system for real-time monitoring of chemical and biological processes. This system is based on waveguide-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, or "Raman-on-a-chip". By leveraging the advantages of integrated photonics for Raman spectroscopy (higher sensitivity, lower cost, and smaller size), InSpek aims to enable Industry 4.0 in (bio)chemical manufacturing.
Lightcore Technologies is created in 2019, spin off of the Fresnel Institute, the XLIM and the PhLAM laboratories based both in Marseille and Lille (PhLAM – IRCICA). Ligthcore technologies develops cutting-edge optical imaging tools, both endoscopes and microscopes, for research, life science and clinical care. Ligthcore Technologies can also perform dedicated scientific investigations for your projects
Since 2005, CytoViva has helped hundreds of research and industry laboratories solve critical problems at the nanoscale with its state of the art hyperspectral microscope technology. Research applications supported by CytoViva range from nanotechnology to digital pathology.
CytoViva provides hyperspectral imaging solutions from the visible to near infrared range, which are specifically designed to work with all modalities of optical microscopy. This includes CytoViva’s patented enhanced darkfield microscope optics, fluorescence and standard brightfield microscopy.

Digital Surf has been developing surface imaging & metrology software for profilers and microscopes for over 30 years.
Mountains® software helps the industrial and scientific community visualize, analyze and report on data obtained with a wide range of instruments.
Integrated by leading instrument manufacturers worldwide, embedded in their equipment or available as an option, Mountains® software has become the reference software for studying micro and nano surfaces.
Mountains® software has become the industry standard in surface & image analysis for engineers, scientists and researchers around the globe. Its five product families offer specialized solutions for profilometry, electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, spectroscopy as well as a multi-instrument solution for data confluence.
Version 9 of Mountains® software was released in June 2021 and comes packed with exciting new features as well as new optional modules.

Refined Laser Systems, a company pioneering tunable lasers, offers solutions for stimulated Raman scattering microscopy (SRS) focusing on imaging speed and ease of use. Refined’s unique laser technology enables hyperspectral SRS and CARS imaging across the complete Raman spectrum at up to video-rate speed. The compact, air-cooled and alignment-free laser systems can be readily integrated into any imaging setup or device. With its extensive experience in designing lasers and multiphoton microscopes Refined is ready to add SRS functionality to your microscope.
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