Created through the business combination between the Keopsys and Quantel Groups in October 2017, LUMIBIRD is a mid-size firm with more than 1000 employees, revenues of over 191 M€, and offices in Europe, North America, China, Japan and Australia.
With 50 years of experience and expertise in 3 key technologies – solid-state lasers, laser diodes and fiber lasers – the group designs, manufactures and markets high performance lasers for the scientific (laboratories and universities), industrial (manufacturing, defense, LiDAR sensors), and medical (ophthalmology).
For Raman applications, LUMIBIRD offers a wide range of UV, visible and infrared fiber lasers (from 0.35 to 2 µm). We offer single-frequency CW lasers and pulsed solutions with spectral linewidths of the order of a few pm. Our products have very good spectral properties thanks to a high OSNR (Optical Signal to Noise Ratio). Most of our products are available with polarisation-maintaining or random fibers and have very good beam quality (M² < 1.2).


Digital Surf has been developing surface imaging & metrology software for profilers and microscopes for over 30 years.
Mountains® software helps the industrial and scientific community visualize, analyze and report on data obtained with a wide range of instruments.
Integrated by leading instrument manufacturers worldwide, embedded in their equipment or available as an option, Mountains® software has become the reference software for studying micro and nano surfaces.
Mountains® software has become the industry standard in surface & image analysis for engineers, scientists and researchers around the globe. Its five product families offer specialized solutions for profilometry, electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, spectroscopy as well as a multi-instrument solution for data confluence.
Version 9 of Mountains® software was released in June 2021 and comes packed with exciting new features as well as new optional modules.

Since 2005, CytoViva has helped hundreds of research and industry laboratories solve critical problems at the nanoscale with its state of the art hyperspectral microscope technology. Research applications supported by CytoViva range from nanotechnology to digital pathology.
CytoViva provides hyperspectral imaging solutions from the visible to near infrared range, which are specifically designed to work with all modalities of optical microscopy. This includes CytoViva’s patented enhanced darkfield microscope optics, fluorescence and standard brightfield microscopy

S.T. Japan stands as a premier global provider of spectra databases and cutting-edge sample preparation tools for microanalysis.
Operating on a global scale, S.T. Japan specializes in the creation and distribution of comprehensive spectra databases, covering ATR-FTIR, FTIR, Raman, and NIR, alongside advanced accessories tailored for analytical laboratory sample preparation. Our extensive database collection encompasses spectra for a wide range of materials, including polymers, solvents, pharmaceuticals, illicit substances, food additives, packaging materials, explosives, hazardous materials, forensics, minerals, petrochemicals, and more. These databases are thoughtfully developed to enable rapid and precise sample identification and are compatible with standard database formats.
Our state-of-the-art sample preparation tools, engineered and manufactured in Japan, are designed to meet the exacting requirements of efficient and dependable sample preparation in analytical laboratories. These tools are invaluable for users tackling the everyday challenges of sample preparation.

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