HORIBA Scientific (www.horiba.com) is proud to sponsor RamanFest 2023. HORIBA Scientific provides an extensive array of instruments and solutions for applications across a broad range of scientific R&D and QC applications.
Our proven quality and trusted performance can be found in over 500 types of scientific analyzers for Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, elemental analysis, GDOES, ICP-OES, particle characterization, forensics, spectroscopic ellipsometry, sulfur-in-oil, surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRi), water quality measurements, custom spectroscopy solutions and OEM spectroscopy components.
Our instruments are found in universities, industries, research institutions, and government agencies. HORIBA provides multi-faceted data solutions in some of the most advanced science and technologies – assisting the most cutting-edge research in uncharted territories, and fueling applications in life sciences, pharmaceutical, materials research, food and agriculture, environmental, energy, water etc.
In 2019 HORIBA has celebrated the 200th anniversary of its optical spectroscopy roots. The Maison Soleil was founded in 1819 by Jean-Baptiste Soleil, becoming in 1923 the company Jobin Yvon through association with Amédée Jobin and Gustave Yvon. The technical foundation given by the Maison Soleil and the subsequent Jobin Yvon company remains at the heart of HORIBA’s spectroscopy products, which are renowned for their performance and quality.
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